Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's the season to be baking - tra la la la la, la la la la!!! Christmas cakes, mince pies, cupcakes.....baked, decorated and eaten - well I still have one undecorated Christmas cake in the cupboard, but since everyone has consumed a years worth of calories in a matter of days, I think the Christmas cake will stay put for a while yet.

The one thing which one of my sons always ask for at Christmas is a baked cheesecake.....which we all like....... but every Christmas?? This year to incorporate several likes, I made a trio of desserts, baked cheesecake with berries, chocolate brownies with ice cream and a brandy-snap with white chocolate mousse. (The ice cream I bought, but everything else was made at home including the slightly tangy berry sauce).

Now brandy snaps has to be the most fiddly things to make!!! I made two at a time, and made just enough for one each - no there was none for seconds - I just couldn't devout the patience! The brownies were simple and easy to make and the cheesecake was just as easy and there was plenty of left overs which disappeared by the 27th!!

The picture shows a huge portion, but we all had a half a portion of brownie and cheesecake after our Christmas dinner - I couldn't cut the brandy snap down!!

Today.....I have an urge to bake.......but I think the hubby would have a fit if I produce anything sweet for the next few weeks lol - ooh but anything savoury would make him happy so mini smoked salmon frittatas and quiche for the boys will make everyone happy!

Vanilla cupcakes for School Christmas Party

Monday, 5 December 2011

December crept in rather we found out on Thursday morning when the youngest son got out of no advent calendar!!!!!! Okay it was a mix of getting one later, having a look at some upmarket ones online but then deciding against it and then of course realising on Thursday morning that we hadn't actually got any!!! We duly explained to a the younger son that he would be getting his after school as dad was off work and would go and get him one.........only to find by that evening..........we couldn't actually even buy one in our town!!!

Not wanting to make younger son think that he would be the only child without an advent calendar.....I told him (without thinking) that I would make him one after he had gone to bed and he would then be able to open up two windows the next morning.........he of course went to bed rather excited and very happy.

At eight thirty on Thursday night, I was beginning to wonder why I had even opened my mouth to suggest I would make him one and even more start making one after eight thirty at night!!!! Having searched through my stash and a little help from Google......sour cream packets were born!!

I had some thick pearl A4 papers from Crafters Companion. I cut each sheet into four equal size rectangles, used some double sided tape to glue together two of the sides, trimmed with some fiskars scallop edge scissors, and finished of with a punched hole at the top and bit of fuzzy wool and a line of string and paper clips to hang it. Numbers generated on the computer and punched out using a circle punch.

By midnight it was all assembled........I managed to find two treats for days 1 and 2 and the advent calendar was ready. He wasn't to know the other packets were empty......until a mad dash to the shops on Friday afternoon!!

The next morning.....the facial expression said it all.......he was so pleased with the "world's biggest advent calendar"............we have to meticulously take down each one and he takes out the treat, then it has to be hung back is his biggest pride and joy!!!

I am going to showcase this on Make it Monday.........for all the hours it still goes to show how a little paper, tape and imagination can bring happiness to someone.