Monday, 11 August 2014

I haven't blogged in months as the last months have passed in an emotional blur after loosing my beloved mum at just 59 years!  From October last year, my mum had become quite ill. After many trips in out of hospital she was sent from St Helena to Captetown in South Africa for medical treatment on December 23rd.  Five days of ship journey she arrived on 29th December 2013.  What happened from there onwards happened so quickly none of us could prepare ourselves for what was to happen.  After seeing her for the first time in eight and a bit years, our reunion was emotional but we were so happy to be reunited.  I was sad to see how fragile mum had become and how time had meant I hadn't noticed.  Sadly after spending 5 days with mum, we lost her on 24th January 2014, two days after she had had heart surgery.  Each day has never been the same since.  It has been a uphill struggle, a constant battle.  I have a wonderful family and yet I find I to have to draw on every ounce of strength I have to get out of bed and carry on each day and that ache in my stomach just never seems to go away, even when there are times/events that I really enjoy.  I miss mum so much, we had expected her to outlive her 59 years......she herself had so much more to give.  

(Mum, Dorothy, Myself, Cedric  18th Jan 2014)