Monday, 26 May 2008

I was asked this week if I wanted to have a table at a Spring Craft Fair, on Sunday (yesterday) as some of the other stall holders had cancelled. After saying "yes", (my first craft fair) reality dawned on me that I hadn't made many cards - well enough to take along to a fair, and I had offered to help in my little boys Pre-school this week too, so no crafting time!! Anyhow yesterday morning, with rain pouring (and forecasted to last all day) I went along, armed with what I had, plus the invitations and stationery - walked into the room, and there were already three tables with cards on them - one solely cards and the other two tables, a small quantity of cards amongst other crafts and there was only going to be 10 stalls. Here I was a fourth, seller of cards! After laying out my cards on the table, it dawned on me just how inexperienced I was at this, no props, no stands, nothing to give height - it wasn't looking good - It meant when you walked through the door, you couldnt see what I had to sell at the far end - you had to come to the tables to see! When the 10th stall holder, walked through the door, with lots of boxes, it soon became clear - she was another card seller -Phoenix Cards - at a Craft Fair!!!! Now 5 tables with cards on them and the rain pouring outside - not looking good at all! In all the experience was good, the visitors slowly trickled in, (it was most definitely too wet), I met some other ladies and chatted to them about their crafts, I sold only 8 cards, but did get a fair amount of interest in my invitations........however I had time to make lots of notes, time to think about what was missing and what would sell.......Next time I am going to go for it. xxx

Being busy with Sugar Nellie and Pink Cat Studio stamps again - and the daisy punches -which I love, love, love.

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