Monday, 7 July 2008

What a week it has been! I had a car accident last week. Basically I ran into the back of another car (a long story) but Thank God, I wasnt hurt and nor was anyone else. Sadly though I damaged my vehicle, but the other car wasn't even scathed! The build status was obviously more robust than mine! Now its all in the hands of the insurers, but I am without a vehicle - I suppose on the positive side to this I will now spend more time at home - thus more crafting!

Did anyone watch Wimbledon? The Williams Sisters (my favourites) won the doubles and Venus who is my favourite of the Williams Sisters, won the singles. But what about the match between Federer and Nadal? I dont normally watch men's Tennis - nothing against them - I just follow the Williams sisters - oh but I along with the family was glued to this match yesterday evening. We were behind Nadal all the way - shouting at the T.V. - feeling the highs and lows of the game (for Nadal) - it was brilliant. Nadal triumphed in the end - but what a fight!

Along with Stamps and Decoupage too, Stitching is one of my other favourite ways in which to make cards - although time consuming so I tend to only make them for the male relatives in our family. The stitching technique suits cards for men as there is no real requirement for loads of embellishments to finish the card off. The pattern for this card has come from Stitching They are available to buy as a download which you can save to your computer and use as many times as you like from there onwards.

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