Saturday, 30 August 2008

Where has the time gone? I havent been posting or making any cards over the past week and a half. Our friends visited us from Ascension Island after almost six years, so it was a series of shopping and really late nights. Still I was thrilled to see them and it reminded me of how much I miss having my closest of friends around me all the time. This week we went of on a short break to visit our relatives in Kent - always brilliant to see them, we also took the children to France and to London so its been busy, busy, busy! I now need to catch up on this weeks challenges and as I also bought some shrink plastic - marvellous stuff.......I now to put it to good use. In the mean time I found this site while travelling cyber space The Fruit Pixie - some of the most unusual crafting bits can be found there and the prices are brilliant.

Now I need to find the time to play catch up.................................

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Rosette said...

Oh thank God!! I was wondering what heppened to you!!! :)
I thought that you had posted yourself in my way together with the Blog candy :D

Hope to see more of your wonderful creations soon! I will go and have a look at that shop you suggested.. although I hate having to buy everything online.. and you can buy less stuff as you have to pay for overseas postage ;(