Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I dont have any pictures to post today - will get my challenge ones done for tomorrow. I have been having a look at Altered Bamboo tiles. I am so impressed with those I have seen in Google images, that I am really tempted to give it a go. Anyone had any success with these? I have an order for wedding invitations so the samples were a success. I have a craft fair this month to do as well. I am trying to think of something for the children as I found last time there was so many kids but there was nothing for them to buy.......but I cant seem to find anything which I can do to cash in on this. May be I might do something for Halloween as the craft fair is just a few days before. It is suppose to be a handmade crafts fair so I would still like to keep to this having whatever I sell largely handmade.......some cute little bags filled with spooky sweets might do the trick!

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Audrey said...

Hi Jean! I sell Bamboo tiles and have them in 16 colors and several sizes (mini, regular, large, stick) that are great for altering! I also have little skull beads in exclusive colors as well that might work for Halloween themed jewelry or charms for kids.