Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year.....this is my first post of 2009.....
I haven't posted anything over the past weeks. I havent done any crafting at all. My family and I were hit by the dreaded sickness bug and the flu, so we all we really poorly over a period of the past three weeks....we made it through Christmas which was lovely......and we are all free from the flu which is good news. My little one goes of to full time school next week - one half of me wants him to go, he is growing up and its his time to begin his school journey - for me more time to craft but also I need to face reality and start looking for a job too - the other half of me is going to miss him so much - my baby is moving on - I am convincing myself I will be able to fill my day without this little person, who constantly chats and makes jokes and make my day.

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