Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ok, I have had to keep this a secret since last week, but today I can officially release my the magazine goes on sale today! Now I bet you are wondering what I am on about??? Well I was named as one of the nine runner ups in the Papercraft Essentials Magzine, Papercraft of the Year 2009 competition...........and as you can imagine I am bursting with excitement!! I am looking forward to receiving my prize which will be £160 of products and my card will be in this months magazine along with the other eight runner ups and the overall winner who has been crowned Papercraft of the Year 2009.

The cupcake card is my winning entry, but the entry requirements were two cards and another papercraft project.... I made a christmas gift bag.
The only disappointing thing in all of this is my card has been linked to someone elses name in the two page spread and my name with another project - but the magazine Editor will correct this in the next edition.......but I am so looking forward to getting my products and wish all the other participants and winners and big, big congratulations :)

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Kim Dellow said...

Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo! I saw you in my copy of the mag and I was like 'That is Jean!' But I was waiting for you to announce it before I spilt any crafy beans! Well done Jean that is fabulous news - enjoy it! Kimx