Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's been ages.....but this week.....I have an excuse.....I have had no time to blog......I have been enjoying the sunshine and making the most of each hour of my summer holidays with my family.....because at one point with all the rain, we were beginning to think that our next chance of some sun would be summer 2013!!

I haven't been baking much - I had a major cake disaster a few weeks ago which is still haunting me....and I still need to pick myself up of the floor!!  I hate to fail!!! I have made a few novelty cakes.....but I have sat tonight and look through my whole blog reflecting....there were days when I used to make cards upon cards but how materials have changed and now the craft world is forever evolving!!

I have promised the little one that we would bake tomorrow (its suppose to rain) a carrot cake is on the cards!!

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