Friday, 20 February 2009

It has been a long two weeks (well nearly) since I last posted. Our computer has been working at snail pace and it seemed at times it was almost groaning when you started to use was almost a cant you get the message I have done my time. Anyway we decided it had more than done its duty to us and we should therefore replace it. Well the thing about a new computer is that everyone has to get on it and see what it can do. Half Term and a hubby at home as well means more time with them but less blogging and crafting time too. Also it means the chore of transfering the files and pictures...but we will get there! Loved the look of Sugar Nellies Gorguss girls - had images in my head of cards I would make with them....but couldnt afford them in the pre-orders so will wait until later. They have so many nice stamps out at the moment it is torture just going over there and having a look. Still I am exercising a tight rein and will hopefully in the not too distant future start ticking off a few things in my wish list....which is growing and growing.

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