Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like a German Friendship cake by a colleague and which I accepted.  In the same week, three other people asked me, and I had to turn down the offer, as I knew I was getting some later in the week.   Having then been given a container with gloopy, bubbly mixture inside and a set of instructions on how to look after the mixture.....called Herman.....I came home and Googled it (as you do) to see what this thing would eventually look like!!  As it look decent and I always like a bit of a baking challenge.....I sat Herman on my kitchen worktop in a bowl as instructed and....told my 7 year old that he needed to remind me to look after Herman!!

Now Herman happened to visit our house during the birthday as it was a sourdough cake, I decided to delay Herman a little to fit in around our birthday cakes by keeping him for 13 days instead of nine giving him his food on day 5, and then just stirring him for the next 6 days.  When I added Herman's last food, I didn't divide him and gave him away as instructed,  instead, I divided it the next day, baked mine and then gave my colleagues the starter dough with a piece of cake, the next day at work!!!  The result was more convincing to show friends, what their starter would turn into and they were happy to take Herman home!!

I added mixed dried fruit to mine which had orange peel in, instead of just raisins, and it was a beautiful, moist cake....that the two oldest men in the house...ate warm with ice cream (alright for some).  

If you haven't been offered a started.....or would like to start one to hand around the instructions for a starter can be found here

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